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We Now Offer Group Therapy!

Group therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals or couples to process topics together. We provide a safe and comfortable space for group members to discuss, process, support one another, and to feel a sense of belonging and relatedness in their experiences.

Our Current Group(s)

Women's Group for Support After Betrayal

How Can You Join?

If you are interested in joining the current group or have any questions about the group being offered, contact us at (224) 595 - 8697 or to set up a phone interview.

Women's Group for Support After Betrayal

Who is this group for?

This group is for any woman who has been betrayed by a partner with infidelity and wants to connect with other women with similar experiences.

What counts as infidelity for this group?

Infidelity comes in many shapes and forms, but the effect is just as damaging. The infidelity may be a physical affair, emotional affair, a sex/love addiction, a 1 time betrayal, an on-line or texting relationship, and others types. 

When did the affair have to happen to qualify for the group?

There are no time limits. Whether your betrayal happened years ago or days ago, we can help.

Is this group confidential?

Yes. All of our services are always confidential. 

Do I have to come to every session?

You do not have to attend every session, but it is best if you do. The group will be closed for a few weeks which means it will be the same women every week so that you can form a trusting connection with the women in the group and get the most out of your experience together. 

Does my insurance cover group therapy?

If your insurance provider is Blue Cross Blue Shield, there is a good chance that they will cover your group therapy services, depending on your individual plan and coverage. I encourage you to call the number on your card or 800.851.8498 and ask if CPT code 90853 (Group Therapy code) is covered for you. If you do not have coverage or are not a member of BCBS, the out of pocket fee is $40 per session.